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DigitalFoto V01 V01PRO WS66 LIVE STRAM Fill Light New Arrivals

DF DIGITALFOTO recently released affordable V01 / V01PRO / WS66 fill lights, suitable for photography, video conferencing, live streaming, video making etc.  V01 has 2m USB charging cable(without builtin battery) . V01PRO has 60cm USB charging cable (with builtin 3.7V 3000mAh lithium battery).  They can be clipped on the laptop computer and mobile phone quickly to fill light--- Portable and affordable.

WS66 is one 9w 288mm LED Fill light, features in three cold shoe mounts. One table tripod and one laptop clamp and one remote controller are included .

It is worth mentioning that the color temperature of V01 V01PRO (3000K /4500K/9000K )and WS66 (2500K /4500K/9000K) are all three-speed settings with 10 levels brightness.

DF also offer a lot of options for small lights, which are W64RGB, WS6, W100,W200, P200. Below is a comparison chart of some of their parameters, choose the one that suits you best
Parameter Contrast:

Click the official website link for more information:
  1. V01 /V01PRO Mini LED Fill Light for Laptop Phone Pad
  1. WS66 9W 288mm LED Fill light

  1. W64RGB 2500-9000K Mini RGB Video Magnetic LED Light with 3 Cold Shoe 2000mAh Rechargeable Battery

  1. WS6 SUNSET 6W LED RGB Atmosphere Projector light Magnetic Light
  1. W100 100mm RGB Tube Light with Magnet 6W
  1. W200 200mm RGB Tube Light with Magnet 7W
  1. P200 IP65 Rain-proof 200mm RGB Tube light with Builtin Battery&Magnet

What do you think about the DF various LED lights ? Do you use small LED lights for your work? Which one is your choice? Let us know in the comment section underneath the article.
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