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Catch the Perfect Shot and Unleash Your Crea tive Vision with DigitalFoto at 2023 IBC

IBC is the world’s most inspiring content and technology event. It draws together the global media, entertainment, and technology industry for a compelling live experience that enables attendees to gain critical in sights, share expertise, and unlock business opportunities. The 2023 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is not just an ordinary event but is poised to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry. Packed with a thrilling array of industry luminaries and groundbreaking innovations, it is an absolute must-attend for professionals looking to stay ahead. And that's not all – we are truly ecstatic to unveil our most cutting-edge creations at the convention: the THANOS-PROCINE Steadicam, an unparalleled stabilizer that will redefine smooth and stable shots; the Cinemech Camera Cart, a game-changing assistant for effortless mobility on set; the CHAMELEON-SE RGB LED Pixel Tube Light, an absolute treat for filmmakers seeking dynamic lighting solutions; and the V360SE Spinning Camera Rig Rotating Platform, a tool that will redefine the possibilities of camera movement.
One of the convention's highlights was our interviews with industry experts, including CineD and Lensvid. Their in sights and perspective on the future of broadcasting were invaluable and we're excited to incorporate them into our approach.

Todd Stephens from DigitalFoto showcased our newest product, the THANOS-PROCINE in CineD’s interview. This advanced Steadicam stabilizer is built with precision and efficiency in mind, helping filmmakers achieve the smooth and stable shots they desire. Equipped with a 35kg high payload, advanced balancing controls, quick-release mechanisms, and a comfortable support vest, the THANOS-PROCINE promises to be a game-changer for professionals in the industry. With its high-end design and adaptability to various cameras, it offers versatility and performance.

Suppose you are searching for a back-saving, efficient storage solution that perfectly keeps your entire camera gear range safely organized and accessible. In that case, the Cinemech Camera Cart is an essential companion! The Cinemech Camera Cart offers exceptional maneuverability, allowing filmmakers to navigate various terrains effortlessly. Its ergonomic design ensures maximum comfort and ease of use, even during long hours on set. With its durable wheels and versatile accessories, such as adjustable handles and additional storage options, the Cinemech Camera Cart delivers unmatched performance and versatility, making it an indispensable tool for professionals in the media and entertainment industry. Check the interview video by Lensvid.

Speaking of versatility and seamless integration, another remarkable addition to our lineup is the V360SE Spinning Camera Rig Rotating Platform. This innovative tool is designed to perfectly complement the functionalities of the V360 and take your storytelling capabilities to new heights. With height and distance adjustment and a fully customizable camera angle, you can capture videos from any perspective for endless possibilities. Adjust the camera-subject distance and background positioning to get the perfect shot every time. Plus, our kit includes a black acrylic board and a colorful soft background for versatile video styles that showcase your crea tivity. With built-in safety features like a brake on the main column, you can enjoy a secure filming experience without any unexpected rotations.

Lighting plays a crucial role in photography and videography, as it directly affects the quality and mood of the captured images or footage. It helps to enhance the subject, create depth, and convey emotions. RGB LED lights have become popular among photographers and videographers due to their numerous advantages. Designed to provide unparalleled lighting versatility, the Chameleon SE RGB LED Pixel Tube Light is the perfect tool for content creators seeking to add a touch of magic to their productions. With its customizable colors and brightness, filmmakers can control the light to create stunning visual effects and bring their crea tive vision to life. Whether you are filming a music video or an action thriller, the Chameleon SE RGB LED Pixel Tube Light provides the flexibility and crea tive freedom to achieve your desired results.

As a visual medium, it comes as no surprise that the IBC was a visual extravaganza. From spectacular displays of cutting-edge technology to behind-the-scenes peeks at our products in action, there was never a dull moment

But the excitement didn't end there. Following the convention, we embarked on a tour of Europe to visit our dealers in the NetherlandsFrance, and Germany. Meeting our customers and hearing their experiences was enriching and inspiring. It was amazing to see first-hand how our products have helped to elevate their work and bring their crea tive visions to life.

Looking back on the 2023 IBC and European dealer tour, we're filled with gratitude and excitement for what's to come. We can't wait to continue connecting with our customers and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of media and entertainment!

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