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DigitalFoto CLIMBER-FF15B Follow Focus Announced

DigitalFoto CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus offers an adjustable positioning arm and 15mm rods base, anti-slip rubber net focusing wheel with a markable white ring, and a standard 0.8M gear module. For $260 it comes with four ring belts for photo lenses with a diameter of 60, 70, 80, and 90mm.

Along with the new CLIMBER matte box (we recently reported about it here), DigitalFoto announced a new single-sided foldable follow focus. Tilta also released a matte box and a mini follow focus back in 2019, but these products look a bit differently. If you want to know more about the matte box, make sure to check our separate post about those. Now let’s take a short look at the CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus.

The CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus features a standard 0.8M gear module with a 15mm rods locking base. The position of the follow focus can be adjusted via a knob on the arm. The focusing wheel itself has a sweat-proof and anti-slip rubber net design with a markable white ring. There are two screws for A/B stops. The follow focus can be mounted on either side of the lens. The focusing wheel also has a hole for speed crank or whip.

DigitalFoto CLIMBER-FF15B Follow Focus

The CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus weighs 460g. In the packaging, apart from the follow focus itself, there is an Allen key, two stop screws, and four ring belts for photo lenses of various diameters – 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, and 90mm (inner diameter of the ring).

Price and availability

DigitalFoto CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus is available for purchase now and the price has been set to $260. That is significantly more than what Tilta asks for its mini follow focus, but judging from product photos, the CLIMBER-FF15B looks like a more capable and rugged product.

Which follow focus do you use for your work? What do you think about the CLIMBER-FF15B follow focus from DigitalFoto? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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