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DigitalFoto “Climber” Series MINI Mattle Boxes are launched

DigitalFoto “Climber” Series MINI Mattle Boxes are launched

This time DigitalFoto brings two models of MINI Mattle Boxes from the "Climber" series to all of you. One is Climber-95 DSLR Lens 95mm Caliber Diameter Mini Matte Box  Another one  is 
Climber-114   Cinematic Lens 114mm Caliber Mini Matte Box.

In the market, everyone is well-known as Tilta MINI mattle box and Smallrig’s Mattle box, who started selling early and got lots of positive feedback. After our market survey,we found below points are mini matte box uers complain about Tilta or Smallrig matte box:
1. 2mm filter can not be installed on matte box steadily
2. fingerprinter will be left on filter
3. Filter may be crushed by the fixing nail
4. Can`t put 4*4” filter well

To solve above problem as much as we can ,we developed below CLIMBER series matte boxes.

Climber-95 is suitable for DSLR and Climber-114 is suitable for more professional film-level cameras.

Suitable for 4*4”& 4*4.56” filter;
2.2mm and 4mm filter works without shaking;
3.Ensure filter safe;
4.Climber-95 including Standard 5 rings (62-77mm,67-77mm,72-77mm,82-77mm,77-95mm ), Climber-114 without ring.
5.Lightweight (245g)
6.Super sturdy material, high quality;
7.One 180° rotatable top carbon fiber flag

High-quality carbon fiber material flag ensures lightweight,durability and high shading performance, Which is 180°rotatable, can be quick mount. Provides you more possibilities for your shooting.

Stack rectangular filters and accept install 4*4” or 4*5.65” filter safety without worry leave finger print or being scratched.Accept 2mm or 4mm thickness filters.

The surface of ABS material is more durable and wear-resistant, Aerospace aluminum material, surface anodized black treatment ensure durable and high effective matte box. Wonderful size and light weight,can install on single handle gimbal or rig perfectly.


Price and availability:
Climber-95 and Climber-114 are available now for 95USD and 90USD ,For more information and purchase them, please refer to

What do you think about these new Climber PRO mattle box? Do you think it would be a great addition to your setup?  Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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