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DF DIGITALFOTO V360 Spinner Released ——360°Camera Rig Video Rotating Platform

There is a good news about the 360°video rotating platform. DF DIGITALFOTO developed a non-motorized spinner based on mass marketing research—— DF V360.  First of all, what does it look like? Please refer to the image below:

                                    (Note: The ring light is not included in the standard packing list)
During food,drink, cosmetic commercial video making, It’s necessary to use rotating platform. Sometimes we would like camera to spin around like the matrix during pour, drop sprinkles.

So we developed V360 360°Camera Rig Video Rotating Platform, Which will allow you to make a full 360°rotation around an object.

V360 Features:
The whole V360 is made of high-quality aluminum alloy. The bottom round base plate is used as the core support surface, and the upper round base plate is used to place the shooting object. The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 20kg. Equipped with 2pcs length 900mm 304 stainless steel rod diameter 15mm steel rod, with a distance of 60cm in the middle.

There is also a 600mm *300mm background plate, counter weights . The background plate has 4 colors to choose from (black, blue, white,green), of which black is standard

Precise Research:

We Prepared a research in the early developing stage, then developed V360  upon customers’ feedback.

Price and Availability:
V360 can be pre-order now for 499 USD , During March 17th  to April 30th ,there is a Group Purchasing Activity:
Activity 1: Ordering V360 during the active period, immediately enjoy 10% Off.
Activity 2:The first 20 purchasers can get 20% Off payment refund if you make a review YouTube video for it.
For more information and purchase it, please refer to below link:

What do you think about these V360 spinner? Do you think it would be a great addition to your setup?  Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments below!

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